Car Scratch Remover Car Scratch Repair S Wax

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1. Wide range of uses: Suitable for small and minor scratches, such as nail scratches on door handles, sand scratches, paint swirls after polishing, etc.
2. Compatible with your car paint: Anti-scratch paste will not chemically react with your car paint.
3. Suitable for cars of any color: The car scratch repair kit does not pick up colors.
4. Fast and convenient maintenance: Quickly removes minor scratches. 

Material: Slop Wax
Foam Dimensions: 7cm x 3cm x 1.5cm
Ingredients: abrasive materials, surface active agent, filling agent
Scope of application: Minor scratches
Package Contents:
1 X Abrasives
1 X Sponge


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quantity: 1 pcs

quantity: 1 pcs
1 pcs
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