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How do I know which part fits my car?

We have listed all our products under categories. Suppose you are looking for an ABS pump please go to ABS category and check the available ABS pumps. We have mentioned make, model, year, part number and other details to make sure you chose the correct part.

If this still doesn't provide an exact match, then please bear in mind that OEM parts are designed to fit a range of different models, so it's more about getting an 'exact match' rather than the exact model. In such case you may contact us and we will try to help.

Are the pre-owned parts worth buying?

Pre-owned OEM parts are preferred over the aftermarket ones all over the world owing to its genuine nature. Since most of the salvage cars are in running condition before being declared salvaged, most of their parts are still in useful condition. To further make it doubt-free, we pick and stock only the best from the lot. Another major advantage is that while there may not be much difference between a new and a used OEM part, there is a huge difference in price making it easier for the buyers to avail of OEM parts at less than half price.

How long it takes to ship a part?

We need up to 48 hours to ship the part. Thereafter, the courier service takes 2 to 5 business days to deliver depending on the geographical region. It depends a lot on the air traffic to the destination country. For USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe the shipping time is 2 to 3 business days.

I ordered the part but despite lapse of several days its still not delivered to me?

When we hand over the package to the courier, we lose control over its shipment. Nevertheless, we always choose reputed and world-renowned courier services for our shipments. However, sometimes it is beyond the control of even the world’s best courier service owing to factors like non-availability of direct or connecting flights to a particular destination. In such circumstances, shipments are delayed.

I ordered a part but the courier system shows its status as “Available for Clearance”?

When we dispatch a part and it enters another country, it has to go through customs clearance. In some countries, the system is too fast and it clears through within hours while in others it may take a little longer time to clear. The courier will show its status as “Available for Clearance” when is undergoing customs clearance.

Do I have to pay for Customs and import duties in my country?

Yes. Every country has its own customs and import duty rates. Some countries do not charge import duty if the value is under a certain limit. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check for import duties in his/her country before placing the order.

I have a right-hand vehicle but the product description shows donor vehicle as American salvage which is left hand. Will the part fit in my right-hand vehicle?

It varies from part to part; some parts are common for both left and right-hand driven cars while others are not. Please contact us for a suitable advice.


I order a part but its faulty or damaged on delivery?

Please check Terms and Conditions (T & C) for exchange or a refund.

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